Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the PERFECT nude combo

my favorite nude combo is OF COURSE MAC "myth" lipstick (all time favorite)
along with MAC cremesheen lipgloss in "fashion whim"
its absolutely perfect, in every picture its pretty much what i wear

my new love/obsession

HEELS ! is my new love !
i really wasnt the "heel type of girl"
for some reason i always felt to tall, but now ! thats all i have been spending my money on every time i get paid ;D
Steve Madden heels are freakin awesome !!! super comfy and of course stylish ! ;D

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

big hair !!!

just another friday night hair style
to do my hair it take me about 20 minutes
crimp the top (to add volume)
and tease with (herbal essensce hairspray)
-its cheap about 4 dollars but it does it job !!
love it !


so i have not been blogging in forever ! but i have had plenty of people telling me "oh caro start doing youtube" "oh caro do you have a blog" after today i am going to put major dedication into this and share my love of makep with all of you, or at least i shall try ;D

be on the lookout for my newest postings !


Caro <3